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Client Comments

"Dear Richard: I have to tell you how grateful I am to you for your exam preparation seminars. I took your all-day review course for the CA Supplemental Exam last January. On May 23rd I sat for the exam, and on June 10th I was notified that I passed. I followed your guidelines as close to the letter as possible and it all worked. I felt confident and comfortable during my questioning and had a good overall grasp of the material. Thank you for helping me reach this important professional milestone. For me, you provided the key to a door that had been closed for years. I'll never forget that."

"The you for providing the courses for licensing exam preparation. I have successfully completed all exams and now have my license - your assistance has been greatly appreciated. Thank you again and again."

"I DID IT! Thank you for imparting your words of wisdom in your seminar. It was what I needed to pass the exam. I will spread the word."

"I passed my CBAE Oral Exam...this was my first attempt. The only preparation was your seminar, excellent advice, coaching and the handout material you provide. Other than the handout material, the best part of the seminar was the advice and coaching you gave was the driving force of my preparation. I had an enormous amount of confidence going into the exam."
(D.M., CA)

"Early this year I attended your workshops for three exams...thank you for all your valuable advice. I was able to pass my exams on the first attempt and without hesitation... It all paid back and the exams did not seem difficult at all. Thank you again."

"I wanted to let you know that after taking your class on the CA Supplemental Exam, I passed it on my first try! Your seminar was extremely helpful in understanding what was to be expected especially for someone coming from another state. Thank you"
(M.T., Los Angeles, CA)

"I took your workshop and private tutoring last month. I passed the exam! Thank you so much. I was much more confident this time. You are the best. I'll let all my friends know."

"I wanted to let you know that I passed my CBAE Oral Exam in May. Take note that this was my first attempt. Thank you for your help and excellent advice."
(N.M, Tustin, CA)

"I sat for my oral exam on July 18th, we did about 3 hours of one on one tutoring. I wanted to let you know that your information with regard to what to expect, what to look for, what to make sure I knew, etc was right on target. I passed my orals the first time around.
Thanks for your help, and time."
(D. R.)

"Richard: Your class Rocks! Passed with flying colors the first time...Richard’s seminar and books are the best investment to beat the odds and get through this rigourous exam in record time. Thanks."
(K.S., Las Vegas)